About Us


“We’re the top brand of trendy drink and we always develop our brand along with current trends.
We’re always in customer’s mind and be able to satisfy customer’s preference internationally.”




  • Always create happiness and impression to customers
  • Maintain and develop our service to fully impress our customers
  • Invent and develop our exclusive recipes, in order to satisfy customer’s preference successively
  • Expand our business in both domestic and international
  • Contribute a full capacity and ability of our staffs under company’s missions
  • Participate in community development, conserve environments and strengthen our society
M  aintain our quality and customer’s satisfaction
O  rganize well in both internal and external sectors
M  otivate optimistic environments in our organisation
I   nnovate new and creative menu to excite customers
Z  est is the key to sour brand
U  nlimited improvement and innovation



Our first branch was established in Imperial World Samrong. From the beginning up until about few days after that,we received such a wonderful and high feedback unexpectedly. So, our payback period is only few months because we always pay attention on our best quality, great taste and our uniqueness. The majority of all customers who have tried our drinks said that they love the taste so much and they will come back and re-purchase again. Some of them are also interested in our business and would like to be our partner, in order to grow our brand together with strong business path.


Logo meaning

Maple Leave is widely popular in Japan and it’s also a sign of “Elegance” Maple Leave can always modify itself along with changing weathers but still keep the uniqueness of each location. Just like our Momizu House, we meticulously create our premium menu by using only best-selected raw materials and mix them well together, in order to match with different consumer’s preferences which they always have choices to choose their own Toppings and Sweetness of their drinks.


Color meaning

= Orange Tone =

  • Our Orange theme was created to represent our “MOMIZU HOUSE”
  • Orange colour can help to boost energy, make everyone feel fresh and cheerful.
  • Orange colour also can stimulate customer’s hunger and to have a good appetite.
  • Beside that, a power of attractiveness and customer’srelationship are also caused by an Orange Theme.

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